Online Medical Consultancy

Online Medical Consultancy

Consult a Doctor, But No Time For An Office Visit?

Take advantage of the remote consultation via the Internet

Online medical consultancy
Online Medical Consultancy
Video-online consultation: the specialist provides recommendations on the available results of examinations and reports after the contact with the patient.

Written opinion: doctor's recommendations based on the review of medical documentation sent in advance.

ONLINE medical consultation capabilities:

To obtain «alive» specialist’s answers to a burning question concerning the state of health.

To obtain an interpretation of examination results.

To obtain a written summary on the remote oral consultation.

To get a second opinion from leading EMC’s experts as well as experts from the United States, Western Europe, Israel, and Russia.
ONLINE medical consultation ADVANTAGES:
Convenience: the possibility to obtain a specialist’s opinion without visiting the clinic (at home, at the office, on a business trip or vacation, from another city);
Active dialogue with the specialist, an opportunity to discuss and clarify the details;
Confidentiality. Use of proprietary reliable data and information stores as well as the secure links.
You should prepare and submit your medical documents in advance (e.g. via e-mail) to ensure that the consultation was productive.
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Pathological Test Online
What I'd like to go over this morning is, how we can consult with the best doctors online, a global company serving approximately 34 million individuals around the world, They have offices both in the US as well as in Canada and in Europe Australia and they have a very comprehensive way of getting at clinical information when folks reach out to best doctors. 

So, how do we do what we do best doctors in the US is or typically offered as an employee benefit so large companies such as Boeing Northrop Grumman home depot Procter & Gamble Merck all have best doctors as an employee benefit,  and what that enables all of the employees at these companies and their family members is the ability to call best doctors, should they be faced with a serious medical situation very recently we had a woman who reached out to best doctors. 

she was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer she had a very large mass that was in the pelvis had invaded the local bowel she wasn't getting better on chemotherapy it was through the best doctors process that we learned that indeed it wasn't cervical cancer this was actually a case of colon cancer the basic pathology had never included immunohistochemical staining and that staining which was done at the MGH revealed that this were poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma was colon in origin not cervical and obviously she had been receiving incorrect chemotherapy she got on the right therapy and she's actually responded very very well so in a case such as that the first step would really be that the patient or member as we call them would reach out to us they will have a very comprehensive clinical intake done following that very comprehensive clinical intake in which the there's a thorough review of the patient's current history as well as relevant past medical history we really go to work in terms of a very comprehensive medical records collection this can take sometimes two to four weeks we don't just assist the members in the collection of their medical records we actually collect all the medical records on their behalf they sign out various release forms and then we have a large Department of over 50 individuals who basically that is their full-time job going across the globe collecting medical records collecting radiology collecting pathology.

we have a team of physicians who goes through these records and really creates very concise clinical summaries these are very academic and really detail for the expert the key features of the case importantly they also include about 10 to 15 questions to the expert we feel so we get the best out of our experts byreally being very specific in terms of the type of information that we want to glean from the case rather than saying you know what's your overall impression and plan in terms of what should we do here we retest pathology so that was very important in this most recent case the pathology really revealed that this was colon cancer, not cervical cancer we also have a cloud-based imaging platform where we directly share the CTS MRIs and other radiologic information directly with the experts so when they're opening on a case they're not just relying upon a radiologist report they're actually seeing the films through a dedicated viewer we have an algorithm by which we select the experts, in this case, it was a top expert in terms of colon cancer the expert will go over all of the clinical summary and the questions and provide their comments they'll develop they'll their expert report that would be appearing on their actual institutional letterhead. 

we have a quality team where once that expert report comes back make sure it's evidence-based make sure that all the questions were thoroughly answered and make sure that there were references to the recent medical literature provided we then deliver that expert report both to the member as well as to their treating physician we review the report with the treating physician this is a collaborative process it's not medical legal it's not utilization review it's really a way of through this platform delivering what we see is the very best in terms of medical expertise and also case preparation right at the point of care we then follow up with the member we want to know where those suggestions actually integrated into the patient's plan because we don't want to be in the book report business we really want to be helping in a collaborative way the ongoing care of the member we have found through our book of business over ninety-five percent of the time our recommendations are put into practice the result about thirty-nine percent of the time there is a change in diagnosis and sixty percent of the time there's a change in treatment you.

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