FYI Full Form abbreviation in English

FYI Full Form in English

FYI Full Form

What Is The Full Form And Meaning of FYI?

FYI Meaning is FYI is a Commonly used word for official and unofficial communications.
"F" is the initial alphabet of "FOR"
"Y" is the initial alphabet of "YOUR"
"I" is the initial alphabet of "INFORMATION"

So, "FYI" stands for  "FOR YOUR INFORMATION"
It Pronounced as "EFF WAI AI"
FYI used where any information is given to someone, but he/she has not raised any requirement/demand for the given information. That means the information's given for future work references.

It means any decision taken by somebody, and sending as an update to someone or a group of people.

It may be treated as an alert, caution, or notice or by force acknowledgment. 

For example,
The governing body of XXXX Company has taken the decision as mention below, so the previously given information should be ignored."

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