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What Is Lotus Tarot Card Reading?

The Lotus Tarot originated in the ancient times of Egypt and India. The ancient artisans that created this artwork created it so that they may be able to use its powers to help them find their path in life and to help them see clearly where they are going. This Tarot card is often referred to as the card of "acle". The meaning of this card is clarity. In terms of a Tarot reading, the Lotus Tarot card is very powerful and can show potential in your life.

Traditionally, people see the Lotus Tarot as representing the rising action of life, its progress, and its forward motion. The Lotus Tarot is also a powerful Tarot deck that is used to gain illumination into your own self, your relationships, and your overall direction in life. It can also be used in an effort to help you have a more clear understanding of who you really are and what you need from life. The six personality cards give a more detailed overview of a man's psychological characteristics, feelings, and behavior.

This card indicates that you need to ask yourself if your actions are consistent with your stated intentions. You can let this card guide you by making sure that your actions follow its guidelines. It shows that you need to set realistic goals and keep to them.

The Lotus Tarot card suggests that you should discard all self-deceptions and blind spots. You need to look at your past and determine if you have been deluding yourself. The card urges you to look at the bigger picture. Your present circumstances and your long-term goals are the keys to success. When the truth comes out, you will be shaken to your core.

The Lotus Tarot card can indicate the need to focus on something external to your life. You need to look at external events and causes for your happiness or sadness. If you are happy, the cycle will continue and you will ultimately arrive at prosperity. However, if you are sad, you may have to look for ways to make up for it. The cycle of events that your life experiences will determine your ultimate fate.

The cycle shows that you should not be so attached to your present situation that you cannot see the bigger picture of life. You should instead hope for better times in the future and be prepared to face life's obstacles. Once you have accepted all that you can see, you will have taken the first step towards achieving your true potential.

One of my favorite Tarot decks, the Lotus Tarot, comes in a beautiful book, The Book of Thoth. I had a copy of this book. 

When I was a kid and I used it regularly as a child. The images shown there really appeal to me and I think many others will feel the same way. 

In this article, I'll tell you a little about the deck and its artwork.

The creators of the Lotus Tarot did not really design this deck to be a "trick" or "game" as some would have you believe. The original Lotus Tarot has always been thought of as a sacred art, much more than just a deck of cards.

Why Everybody Trust Lotus Tarot? 

The original image depicts the goddess of healing, Thoth, seated between two panthers.

In traditional depictions, this figure is shown with one foot in the lotus flower, and one hand holding a lamp, indicating the interconnection of the human and spiritual realm. There are many other variations of this theme. 

With one famous being the one with a crown on top. The images are thought to represent the struggle between the forces of good and evil. 

In one common setting, this can be seen as a struggle between good beings attempting to help humanity and evil beings trying to destroy everything. 

In other depictions, this is seen as a struggle between the old and the new, or between light and darkness.

In traditional depictions, the images often appear upside down, representing the duality of both sides in this mythological tale. 

This has led to many interpretations, including that the symbols are on the wrong side of the deck.

Another common explanation is that the images represent the journey of life. 

Sometimes the one depicted is an older woman and sometimes it's a small child. It could even be a whole family tree, representing the cyclical nature of life.

The lotus flower is one of the most popular images in the whole lotus flower series and is seen as representative of feminine power and true spiritual growth. 

The lotus is symbolic of the awakening of one's spirit and imagination. It represents an awakening from simple everyday life into a state of greater purpose and creativity. 

It also represents the breaking down of illusions created by false hopes and false dreams, and finally, in Zen and Taoist art. It represents turning one's attention inward, so one can see clearly without the interruption of distractions.

Lotus tarot readings tend to focus on one aspect of this art, relating it to the relationship between the one depicted and the lotus flower. In one reading the image often refers to the need for practicality, urging us to look beyond our desires and to look towards more practical uses for everyday items. 

In another reading, the image usually stresses the need to balance material and spiritual needs. 

Finally, in yet another reading, the lotus appears to represent a change - a positive change that can affect major shifts in one's life.

Nowadays, it became popular amongst audiences, and even you can consult online for a tarot reading. 

These are all useful themes, but there is one more related to the lotus. In the True Meaning Of The Lotus Tarot, one of its images is the lotus as the flower of immortality.

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