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Kobold Fight Club

Kobold Fight Club was created by two avid players who enjoy role-playing (as well as warming) and want to share their experience with others who might be interested in trying this out. There is a free demo available on their website which you can use if you'd like to get a feel for the program before purchasing. I'll go over some of my thoughts after playing the program a bit.

How Kobold Fight Club Designed?

Kobold Fight Club was designed around two things; combat and character generation. The combat system is quite solid, with plenty of options for both offensive and defensive maneuvers and attacks. 

The Monster stats are customizable, allowing you to tweak different aspects of them for optimal results. An added bonus is that each monster has a unique adjusted XP value which can vary based on whether or not they are friendly and not friendly in a fight.

Monster stats and XP values are customizable in the game as well, allowing you to create a situation whereby you would have lessened the chance of running into an aggressive opponent if you had some specific monster characteristics present. It is my opinion that the best part of the kobold fight club is the random element which allows you to not only create different types of monsters but also adjust the XP rewards based on the game's own unique system. 

Is Kobold Fight Club Down?

For example, all of the enemies in the game can be generated using various methods, allowing one to simply pick the method at random or allow the user to manually add certain creatures. It is a great option to allow one to create a different experience every time.

Other than that, the system is pretty robust. I mainly used the monster creation and encounter info sections to generate specific types of enemies and to tweak the level up and combat filters to push the difficulty as high as I could go. The only real bug I ran into was that after a certain point, the game would generate a new enemy every time I logged in, preventing me from getting through certain areas that were heavily populated. To remedy this, I simply restarted the battle and had the other creature runoff. It was still challenging, but much more rewarding overall.

If you're looking for a good old-fashioned dungeon crawling with plenty of opportunities to learn and improve upon your game skills, Kobold Fight Club might be just what you're looking for. I've always hated the idea of grinding for gold or hunting down high-level creatures to kill. It's just not rewarding enough and I dislike being attached to any one specific type of character for extended periods of time. In short, it's more of an action/adventure type game instead of a traditional role-playing game where you have to create your own persona.

That's not the only thing that sets Kobold Fight Club apart from other similar games. Unlike most games, you actually have control over the speed and difficulty of each encounter. 

There are several options available to you as you level up and can adjust the difficulty of each battle to keep things exciting and varied. These are just a few of the reasons why I believe this game is worth trying out. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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