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What Does Voluptuous Mean?

Many individuals have different ideas about what the voluptuous meaning of Indian women is. The commonly accepted meaning in the English language is that a woman is voluptuous if she's physically attractive and well endowed. However, many linguists and Indian Americans point out that this definition has negative connotations. Rather than viewing a woman as beautiful just because she has plenty of curves, the negative connotation of the word comes from the way the term was used in the English language.

In India, the voluptuous meaning for the word is translated to "knocked-down, drained, or empty." To Indians, this concept has a very specific meaning: a woman is not truly voluptuous if her body has signs of excessive fat accumulation. According to the commonly accepted definition in the English language, a voluptuous woman is voluptuous only when her butt, hips, and thighs are clearly visible through her clothing. Because some Westerners would view all women as being voluptuous, the word has become associated with [email protected] immorality in the Indian context.

Voluptuous Meaning
For the most part, the association between fat and immorality in the Indian context doesn't really make sense. But the historical context in which the word became popular certainly makes sense. After all, ancient times in India were marred by political conflict and religious turmoil. Women who did not fight off evil in order to protect their families or themselves suffered the consequences of their decisions. 

While some women were married off as young girls and brought into a new family, others became concreted in their places of power after losing their homes and their rights. Either way, the phrase "no fat ladies" began to make itself apparent in Indian society.

The voluptuous meaning of the word is indicative of a time in history when women were expected to be physically fit and muscular. It meant that a woman had to look her best in order to contribute to the social and political progress of her people. Thus, the voluptuous qualities that we associate with voluptuousness today were traits that upper-class women of that era held to be essential. 

Today, in most cases the meaning of the word has been diluted and is used to mean almost anything. A woman may be voluptuous in appearance but not necessarily be voluptuous emotionally or mentally.

The voluptuous body shape was associated with beauty not only for women but also for men. For the Hindu, it was believed that a man with a muscular body was fit for marriage. This was because a muscular body was considered to be a representation of virility. Thus, a man with a muscular body was considered to be a better mate than one that was voluptuous, whether that person was male or female.

But even today the meaning of voluptuous to Indian women is different. Some may find being voluptuous [email protected] attractive but not socially acceptable. They would prefer to be toned and in shape physically. And even though Indians have always prided themselves on their physical beauty, it seems that in modern times more emphasis is placed on other aspects of women's lives.

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